Our Interns

CUEE Internship Program is uniquely situated to give Georgia State University undergraduates a first hand on-the-ground look at urban education, writ large. This 1 year internship program provides students with the opportunity to contribute the Crim Center’s work with urban schools and communities.  Interns will work closely with the Center’s staff to support and expand the internal processes and structures of the center, support the development and implementation of Center related innovative educational programming, support the work of Center connected community partners, design campus wide education programs and events, and participate in research and policy work focusing on urban education.


  • Learn deeply and create actions about issues and successes in urban education
  • Contribute to the research, service and educational development foci of the Crim Center
  • Have opportunities to actively participate in connecting the theory of urban education to practice
  • Participate in interest and goal specific professional development
  • Learn about and support university-center nonprofit management
  • Support Crim Ctr staff and program directors in their day-to-day work


Georgia State University students who are

  • Interested in urban schools and education (formal and informal)
  • Interested in nonprofit management & program development
  • Interested in educational policy & research
  • Interested in community development and advocacy
  • Interested in learning innovative approaches to urban education

For more information or to apply to be an intern, please contact Dana E. Salter (

Applications are open!

Current Interns

Shaidah Ehehosi is a sophomore Public Policy major at Georgia State University. In addition to her internship at the Alonzo A. Crim Center she is a student at the university and the Community Outreach and Engagement Chair of Georgia State's Black Student Alliance. Shaidah aspires to become an urban planner for the metro-Atlanta area.

Ivie Touched

Ivie Osaghae is one of the newest interns at the Center; she is currently undergoing her undergraduate studies working towards a B in anthropology with a minor in African-American Studies. In her short time here, Ivie has been put on a myriad of projects including flipping the website and podcast mixing. Ivie carries the energy and care of the Center into her role of Vice President of Black Student Alliance here on campus. One day she hopes to create a curriculum or program for students that teaches them the true histories of those around them.

Former Interns

Jason Moore is a rising voice within Community of Believers. His determination and dedication allow him to combine education and digital media as a construct creating change in society. His areas of study are at the intersection of digital media, urban education, and social change. As an intern at the Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence at Georgia State University, Jason has developed programs for community media awareness, instructs a digital media literacy course, and continues to research issues that are about media’s contribution to the educational values of today’s society. Jason holds a B.A. in Film and Video from Georgia State University and aspires to complete his Graduate studies in Instructional Technology.

A graduating senior here at Georgia State University, Pierre DesDune is another member of our dynamic intern team. As a middle-level education major, he understands the importance of educating today’s youth. His passion for giving back to the community knows no bounds. It is no wonder why he considers the Crim Center “his home away from home,” and he strives to make others feel the same. By greeting each patron with a bright smile and a warm welcome, Pierre helps maintain our family-like atmosphere. Pierre always says, “Everyone is welcome at the Center and the best way to help them understand that is with a smile.”  His contributions do not end there. His primary responsibilities include digitally archiving Crim Center documents and materials, and, of course, ensuring that he always strives to demonstrate excellence in urban education.

Mahendra Jagnandan is a junior at Georgia State University working toward achieving a B.B.A. in Business Economics. He is a part of the Georgia State University’s Honors College and the J. Mack Robinson College of Business Honors program. Mahendra is an alumnus of the two AmeriCorps program housed in the Center: Jumpstart and TEEMS. Within the Crim Center some of his roles include: assisting with the implementation of programs, coordinating volunteer events, and establishing an alumni network. One day he hopes to open a community center for students of all ages to use their unique gifts and talents to unlock the inner genius.


Our team of Crim Center interns are in the final stages of planning Power of Students , a yearly student organized conference used to discuss pressing issues in the GSU community and to celebrate the students in our spaces.

Our theme for 2016 is POSI+ (Power of Students Institute) where we seek to gather the heads of student organizations from all parts of campus to have an honest conversation about the issues facing our campus to cultivate a desire for action and change.

POSI+ will take place on October 20, 2016 from 4- 7 PM in Veteran's Memorial Hall (Located in Dahlberg Hall); refreshments will served The Institute experience will consist of interactive activities, dinner, round table discussions, and most of all interaction with organizations that usually do not find themselves in the same location.

Our hope is that through having these hard conversations, we will break down the barriers that divide us to build a true community that can serve as an example for the city of Atlanta and the University in all capacities—domestic and abroad.

Check back soon for more information!