Early College Senior Recognition Ceremony

The Early College Initiative closed this school year with a celebration of its participating senior high-school graduates. This Senior Recognition Ceremony occurred on Tuesday, May 3. Led by the current head study coach, Leesi Barinem, the event was a relaxed, fun opportunity for Early College students to enjoy each other’s company, as well as review the highlights of their eventful school year at Georgia State University. Activities included a college fun facts game, food and a video featuring seniors’ accounts of their experiences in the program. With advice for juniors and future participants, seniors in the short film shared the aspects they felt were most meaningful from their process.

From her collection of senior interviews, Leesi shared how proud she was of the Early College participants. In their responses, the senior graduates related how they connected to the information shared and activities conducted, and also how they could apply what they learned in their lives going forward. Please check out our graduates section in this newsletter, and see what colleges they will be starting in the fall!

We want to wish all of the senior graduates (and all Early College students) a happy and fruitful summer. Head over to the Early College page to view the gallery featuring images from various events and workshops this school year.