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Sources Education Conference

The Annual Sources for Urban Educational Excellence Conference, a research conference hosted by Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence, examines urban education from multidisciplinary perspectives.

Each year, the conference sets out to create an atmosphere conducive to open dialogue among all stakeholders involved in education, including families of students, communities, education students, teachers, and scholars. The Sources Conference continues to serve as a key platform in which individuals from different paths can make connections and share ideas about improving the state of urban education.

Benjamin E. Mays Lecture on Urban Educational Leadership

The annual Benjamin E. Mays Memorial Lecture Series, which began in 1989, is intended to encourage the discussion of issues facing urban educational leaders through a series of symposia, conferences and lectures. This program not only honors the memory of Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, but also promotes his philosophy of excellence in the education of those typically least well served by the larger society.

The keynote speaker of the 24th annual Benjamin E. Mays Lecture was Adelaide Sanford, retired educator and former vice chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents. “Teaching is work. It’s hard work because you’re confronted by so many issues,” Sanford told attendees at the 24th annual Benjamin E. Mays Lecture. “You can’t expect all children to come to school motivated to learn – teachers have to inspire their students. Our discussions were about how to motivate children and to create that kind of environment in the classroom.”

National Park Services| Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic Site Curriculum

View the curriculum designed for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic Site operated by the Federal National Park Services Department. The curriculum provides easy transferability of historical content to practical lesson plans for grades K-8. The curriculum also prepares teachers and children as they prepare visit the MLK, Jr. Historic Site and Exhibits.

Urban Education Think Tank (UETT)

The Urban Education Think Tank (UETT) is a research based, self contained academic community whose membership is reflective of several disciplines. Scholarship in this context focuses on questions and solutions related to “Urban Education.” Researchers who are members of the Urban Education Think Tank are considered Alonzo A. Crim Research Fellows. The UETT serves as an interdisciplinary venue for the discussion of each person’s interests and the cross fertilization of ideas. The UETT promotes and facilitates scholarship, leadership and empowerment through critical research that focuses on “Urban Education.”

Power of Students Event

The Power of Student Conference is an annual event organized entirely by students at the Alonzo A. Crim Center. The conference is designed to showcase the incredible power that students have when they coordinate their efforts for change. This year’s Power of Students conference highlighted the collective efforts of Georgia State students which resulted in the creation of the Department of African American Studies in 1990.

Soul Searching Fireside Conversations

The Alonzo A. Crim Center invites prominent professors and community members to give thought provoking presentations about their areas of expertise. This series of video presentations is known as the Soul Searching Lecture Series. It is meant to bring to light topics and issues surrounding urban education and marginalized communities in an effort to help bring about understanding and change. The series can be viewed on GSU’s iTunes channel.