Crim Center shows commitment to service during MLK Day 2015

The Kingian philosophy is steeped in the themes of nonviolent action, service, and transformative love for social change. Like Dr. Alonzo A. Crim’s vision for the Community of Believers, Dr. King’s “Beloved Community” was a vision of an interconnected diverse community working together peacefully to eliminate the suffering of our neighbors and the entire human… more »

I.C.M.E. is helping young men in Atlanta create new experiences

Posted On April 10, 2015 by Jason Moore, Crim Center Intern

I.C.M.E. (I Create My Experience) is a 4-month program that serves Black and Latino male youth, ages 16-24, and runs from January-April. Taught by Garfield Bright, Georgia State University doctoral student and Crim Center GRA, the course encourages and emphasizes cultural awareness, digital/ media literacy, critical literacy and new civic engagement principals, while concurrently helping… more »