Program Incubation

The Kilgore Music Foundation (registered 501c3) held its first strategic visioning convening on Sunday August 23, 2015. The goal of this convening was to bring together a diverse and talented group of people from around the metro-Atlanta area who are passionate about strengthening and expanding the role of music in our communities. Over 25 people attended this convening and pledged to support this work. We are excited to follow up on this great start.

To that end,kilgore logo-250x156 the mission of the Kilgore Music Foundation (KMF) is to mentor aspiring instrumentalists to become life-long musicians, teach them to understand the spectrum of career pathways available through music, and to inspire them to become community engaged individuals.

We invited people to this convening who (1) believe in the power of music and the role of music in our lives and communities; (2) have expressed interest in supporting KMF and (3) are willing and excited to share their knowledge and talents in support of support music education in Atlanta.

The KMF completed an intensive nonprofit incubation session this summer with the Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence at Georgia State University. Through attending the Crim Center’s three month summer incubation session, led by the Crim Center’s Dana E. Salter, the KMF now has a solid draft of their strategic plan and other organizational structures that they are excited to share with convening attendees.

Bookmark this page to learn more about the Kilgore Music Foundation, share of your talents and skills and learn of opportunities to meet other great people who care about music.

Together we can ensure that the current and future generations of talented Atlanta musicians get a chance to experience the joy of music locally, nationally and globally.

To find out more about the Kilgore Music Foundation or about program incubation at the Crim Center contact:

Dana E. Salter, Crim Center Community Outreach Specialist

View the Kilgore Music Foundation website